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Biting the Hand that Feeds

Keeping tabs on lots of different board game websites and blogs isn’t easy, and needing to do so has finally revealed to me the utility of RSS feeds and feed aggregators. I was always a bit clueless about what, exactly, RSS was and why I should be interested in it, but I think now that I have seen the light.

Not that it’s been all smiles: I’ve had the most problems linking reliably to the feed for this site (click the little orange icon on the right if you want to subscribe). Something about my blog and the interaction of its feed with the tech-triumvirate of Blogger, Feedburner and Google Reader is not quite as it should be, which is surprising (since they’re all Google-owned) and difficult to whinge too loudly about (since they’re all absolutely free).

Perhaps in time their collective mysteries will be revealed!

Update: After more investigation, including finding some very helpful posts on the Blogger and Google Reader user groups from some similarly frustrated users, it seems that the problem I was having (manifest by old deleted posts from this blog appearing in Google Reader, even though they are not in the feed anymore) is, as the Google-geeks have it, a ‘feature’ not a ‘bug’.

The Google Reader help pages don’t make it very easy to contact an actual person about this, but perhaps if enough people go to their Known Issues page, expand the ‘Deleted posts still appear in my feed’ element and click the ‘Let us know’ button (see how easy that was!) then perhaps Google will be minded to reconsider it’s engineering decisions and fix this problem.

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