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Lucca Games Gioco Inedito 2009

Hot on the heels of the Boulogne-Billancourt design competition comes news that the theme for this year’s Lucca Games ‘Premio per il Miglior Gioco Inedito’ (Best Unpublished Game Award) has been announced.

Lucca Comics & Games is an international exhibition held in Italy every year. The competition is an established part of the exhibition and is open to all (or at least to anyone able to submit the rules for their prototype game in Italian or English). The unique features of this competition is that the entries must be pure card games (no additional components are allowed) and must all be inspired a common theme. The theme for 2009 is the slightly cryptic ‘15 minutes’, although this has the deliberate benefit of being open to many interpretations.

A prize worth winning

For the past few years the competition has been run in association with daVinci Games who provide the prize for the competition, which is — in addition to gaming fame and glory! — a professionally designed and published edition of the winning game. I have a particular fondness for the art of card game design. The playing card is a fantasically versatile gaming component, and the fact that the rules of this competition demand that cards must be the only component encourages this versatility to be exploited to the full.

Fortunately for any budding card game designers the competition organizers have allowed a generous period in which to develop a brand new game around the theme of ‘15 minutes’ — you have until June 30th!

Since 2004 daVinci has published the following winning games:

  • 2004: Lucca Città by Alessandro Zucchini
  • 2005: F.A.T.A.L. by Gabriele Rabbini & Martina Mealli
  • 2006: Borneo by Paolo Mori (reimplemented as a board game)
  • 2007: Amerigo by Din Li
  • 2008: SOS Puccini by Stefano Castelli (to be published in 2009)

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