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Meeples Going Cheap!

Eagle-eyed gamers in the UK might notice that Borders is currently selling Carcassonne online at the low, low price of £14.39. And you really can’t say fairer than that.

Or rather, you can: at Borders in fact! My local bricks-and-mortar Borders here in Cambridge (in the UK) had a stack of Carcassonne boxes yesterday going for the princely sum of just £10. And if it were not the case that I already have quite enough Carcassonne boxes of one variety or another then I might have been tempted. Everyone, after all, loves a bargain.

At those sorts of prices it’s almost worth buying them up just for the meeples (assuming you are the sort of person who wants a stash of extra meeples, say for your latest prototype game design). I recently bought some (very lovely) meeples from the online board game component retailer Spielmaterial and factoring in postage from Germany the cost of simply buying up cheap boxes of Carcassonne (and then throwing away everything but the meeples!) almost makes sense.

Except, of course, that buying up cheap boxes of Carcassonne and then throwing away everything but the meeples would be morally unconscionable!

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