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Tweet, Tweet, Boom

Remarkable what a little tweet on BoardGameNews does for one’s circulation. Thanks to W. Eric Martin’s efforts my visitors took a healthy fillip yesterday (I know this, because Google Analytics knows this). There was also a bit of a spurt, admittedly from an exceptionally low base, in my RSS subscriber numbers. I have no idea who all these visitors and readers are, but welcome! And I shall try my best to reward your new-found loyalty.

Elsewhere on BoardGameNews, Eric proposes an entirely believable collection of answers to the question Where’d You Get the Idea for This Game? The last answer is perhaps the best, and seems eminently plausible; does Eric know something we don’t?

Everyone’s favourite Syracusian professor (and game review video artiste) Scott Nicholson recently posted his latest review on everyone’s favourite most recent Days of Wonder release Small World and it’s a whole lot of fun. Check it out.

After a nine-month hiatus Mike Doyle has posted a new entry on his blog discussing what he sees as the ‘form follows function fallacy’, at least as far as it pertains to game art design, of course. I had forgotten that he has a second, yet more latent blog, with lots of illustrations of some of his game art design.

I had never heard of Savielly Tartakower until a few days ago (and I’m not sure now what internet byway led me to him); he was a famous chess Grandmaster, playing for Poland before the Second World War. I mention him because it seems he had a nice line in gaming aphorisms, such as the following catchy one-liner:

Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake.

Savielly Tartakower

How true, how true. Those chess players are a canny lot.

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