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Gifts for Gamers

In which I discover Etsy, and a few of its hand-crafted gaming goodies.

I’d never heard of Etsy until just a few days ago, but it turns out to be a treasure-trove of all sorts of hand-crafted, and hence totally unique items; some, all or none of which might well appeal to the gamer in you, or indeed to the gamer in someone you know. It’s kind of like eBay, but without the auctions and the fact that almost everything on eBay nowadays is pretty much over-priced Buy-It-Now rubbish.

Here are some items I liked; follow the links in the list below to check them out for yourself. (Note: I am in no way affiliated with Etsy or any of the makers!)

  1. Scrabble — Coasters made from fused plastic Scrabble tiles. Neat!
  2. Hnefetafl — A hand-made edition of the so-called ‘Viking chess’. The board is made of individual stone tesserae set into a wooden frame, and the game uses glass beads for men. An elegant, if hefty, coffee-table item.
  3. Clue — A cute spiral-bound journal that uses sections of a Clue board for the cover and has a weapon card on the ribbon bookmark. The maker has a range of other journals using elements from other board games too.
  4. Chess — A lovingly crafted hand-quilted chess set. Hardly suitable for tournament play, but a nice item for, say, a chess-playing cat.
  5. Political Capital — At $1000 this game is not going to get many takers, I think; and how many boxes of Trivial Pursuits did the maker need to get hold of to scavenge all those pieces?
  6. Carcassonne — Meeple keychains. That’s right: keychains with meeples. Need I say more? What part of ‘meeple keychain’ did you not understand?
  7. 221b Baker Street: The Master Detective Game — A really nice use of some vintage board game art. The clock is ticking; the game is afoot!
  8. Pegs and Jokers — The interlocking hardwood sections means the board can be built to cater for 2–6 players. Although I’m not familiar with pegs and jokers, I’m guessing it’s similar to that stalwart of my childhood, Sorry.
  9. Cribbage — As someone once said ‘People today aren’t pegging enough out!’ and therefore what the world needs is more perspex cribbage boards.

Peter said...

June 17, 2009 8:36 pm

Cribbage! One for his nob, etc...

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