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LEGO Board Game Countdown

Hat tip to Huw Millington over at Brickset for alerting me, and the LEGO and board gaming community at large, to some recent developments at HQ. The flash animation (which at the moment is the only content available) is entertaining enough, but doesn’t tell us very much that we didn’t already know.

The given release date of July 1st is at least a whole month earlier than previously reported, so get ready to empty your piggy banks!

Update: A link in one of the comments posted to the original Brickset article points at a relatively recent (March 2009) Guardian article which discusses how well LEGO continues to do after all these years. And hidden near the end is some more information about the LEGO board games, namely that (the article suggests) they were developed en masse by a British designer called Cephas Howard (an ex-Guardian employee apparently, which perhaps explains the scoop).

I haven’t seen this name posted elsewhere, nor have I ever heard of him. Will the real Cephas Howard pleased stand up and make himself known? (I am assuming it isn’t this guy.)

We now have good pictures of all the games at Brickset,, originally obtained from Brickshelf.

Huw - The new pics look great. Can't wait to get my hands on the games and see them in the flesh! I still really fancy Lunar Command.

Alaska-Boy said...

June 15, 2009 11:35 pm


Great coverage on the new LEGO board games! Do you have any information as to whether or not the games will be available in the US? Also, (and I know this is a long shot), have you been able to find any contact information for the board game division of LEGO so that those of us who would like to submit our own design ideas might "roll the dice" and give it a try?

Hey there Alaska-Boy! As far as I know, the games will not be available outside Europe until 2010. Unfortunately I have no contact information for the design team, or whether they are even open to receiving unsolicited submissions. My guess would be that all the design work has been done in-house (or with hand-picked out-of-house consultants, such as Reiner Knizia!) so I doubt there's much chance for us outsiders!!

Alaska-Boy said...

June 27, 2009 8:47 pm

Drat! Unfortunate, but not unexpected. Thanks for the info, Brett!

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