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SPIEL ’09: Now On!

The annual Internationalen Spieltage opens its doors on Thursday for four days of board game madness. Officially labelled ‘SPIEL’, but more commonly known by those in the know as ‘Essen’, the fair is the industry’s biggest get-together and is the cue for game publishers the world over to release a tidal wave of new games.

To get a taster of the gaming goodness on offer check out this GeekList over on BoardGameGeek, follow Frank Schulte-Kulkmann’s ongoing coverage on G@mebox, or check out the glitterati’s hashtag of choice #spiel09 on Twitter.

And, apropos of nothing imparticular, does anyone know the origin of SPIEL’s colourful tangram logo? For gamers it’s an instantly recognisable symbol that’s indivisible from its source, but if you give it a fresh look, it’s a rather funky and obscure device that on its own doesn’t instantly say ‘board games’ in any direct way. If anyone knows anything about its history do let me know!

Re: the logo - it's a puzzle. I guess. You know the kind where you have to make a square from smaller pieces.

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