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LEGO Games: Website Update

Just a quick mention of the new content on the LEGO Games website. Since the launch of the new range of 10 buildable ‘board games’ back in August the official website has been gaining content, and it now looks as if everything is in place. If you’re a LEGO fan, or a board game fan, or both, then it’s definitely worth a look.

Each game has a dedicated homepage for kids, linked by the Dice Quest interactive treasure hunt. Children need to visit each page in turn to find the 10 missing dice panels. I haven’t found all 10 so can’t tell you what happens then!

There is also a Parents Portal with extra information for the grown-ups which, eagle-eyed BrettSpiel readers may notice, now contains an extract from my own interview with Cephas Howard, the lead game designer at LEGO. The webmasters at LEGO were kind enough to compliment me on my original article, and I was only too happy to see some my words given a new home.

And don’t miss the fantastic ‘How to Play’ sections which can be accessed from both the kids’ and the parents’ areas of the site. The way each game is built and played is explored and explained in a series of cute animations. Great fun!

Great blog design, showing the entire process was very helpful! I hope to see more web design case studies like this in the future.
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