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If Music Be The Love of Play…

Something of a curio this, but here is Muzundrum, a new ‘music theory crossword game’ which uses some rather funky 12-sided dice with which the players form scales and triads to create, and I quote, ‘unique tonal weaves’.

The game has been designed and published by J.S. Kingfisher, an American composer, instrumentalist and self-styled ‘innovator’. Muzundrum makes use of the designer’s own Musician’s Dice, which are sold separately as a randomizing tool for composers.

The dice are pretty cute on their own, and the whole game has a quirky aesthetic that I rather like. The players score points by build musically valid scales and triads, so in the same way that you can only play Scrabble if you know how to spell, you can only play Muzundrum if you know your major and minor thirds.

Plus, the designer is also promising some of his profits to help save the bees!

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