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Life, as they say, is what happens when you are making other plans. And the past month has meant that plans for the ad nauseam blogging of my personal pontifications on board games have had to take a back seat. Not that there has been nothing to report — far from it!

February saw both the Nuremberg and New York toy fairs come and go, and although I didn’t make it the 500 miles to Nuremberg, I did make it all 3500 miles to New York. The fair was huge, far bigger than the one in London, and well-worth the visit (I have friends and family in New York so I didn’t go all that way just for the toys). When I get a chance I’ll post a more detailed report.

The results of this year’s Hippodice game design contest were announced just a week ago: hearty congratulations go out to the winner Dwight Sullivan and his game Noblemen! Congratulations are also due to Jeff Allers who had two games in the final six, including taking second place with Wampum.

Although I missed out on a top-six placement, my game Mosaic Romanum was one of two to garner the accolade of a Hippodice ‘Recommendation’, which seems to be the equivalent of an encouraging cry of ‘close, but no cigar!’

However, I was thrilled to get a mention in the official announcement, and it has been exciting to think of the game being played by strangers in a strange land (well, Germany). The even more exciting news is that my lovingly crafted prototype was taken away by one of the jury members (who are all representatives of top-flight european board game publishers) to allow for additional playtesting, with the possibility (albeit very tentative) of publication. If and when there is more news I shall of course report it here!

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