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New Year, New Games, New Rules?

In which I belatedly bid farewell to 2009, BrettSpiel’s inaugural year, and (equally belatedly) say hello to 2010. Here’s to another year of gaming!

Image: All I want for Christmas is… new games (obviously). Pickomino has been a particular success.

Next Monday, January 11th, will mark this blog’s one year anniversary, and after 90 — how shall I put it? — eclectic posts what have I learnt? The most valuable lesson is probably that perserverance can and does pay off, and that the only way to tell if you’re any good at something is to just get on with it and give it a try.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing the blog and it has inspired me to think more deeply and more meaningfully about why I enjoy games and what it is about designing them is I find so intellectually rewarding. And if, in doing so, I have written anything that can likewise inspire others then that’s a bonus. If you’re reading this and thinking “I could do that!” then my response is “Absolutely! So get on with it!”

And what of 2010? More blogging (hopefully), more gaming (of course), more game designing (most assuredly!) and maybe, just maybe, if I can take my own advice about just getting on with it, a little bit of game publishing too, just to show the world what I can do. (Feel free to speculate on whether the world has actually been waiting to find out!)

And it occurs to me that gamers — and game designers in particular — shouldn’t make New Year resolutions for themselves; they should instead make new rules.

Thanks for writing the blog! I look forward to playing some of your games!

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