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Announcing Keyhole Games!

In which — in this, BrettSpiel’s 100th post! — I announce my very own game publishing venture, Keyhole Games, and its first publication: LOOP.

Only the most inquisitive of readers will have spotted the approach of this particular milestone, but this is, believe it or not, BrettSpiel’s 100th post! So, you know, well done me. [Pats self on back.] My traffic stats tell me many, many things about my visitors, for example that of the tens of thousands of visits I have enjoyed in the past 410 days precisely one person has visited from Kazakhstan. Hello Astana!

Anyway, how better to celebrate this historic event (the 100th post that is, not the visitor from Kazakhstan) than to stop merely talking about board game publishing, but to actually do it? And so today Keyhole Games is born; and arrives kicking, screaming and generally not behaving itself after a somewhat ponderous gestation.

So, what is Keyhole Games, and what is LOOP? The publisher is all me, and the game all mine. The idea for the Keyhole Games has been bubbling away in my head for at least two years (I registered the domain name in 2008); LOOP itself is much older. This means I have had plenty of time to sit and think, but in all things there must come a time when the sitting and the thinking is done. Now is that time.

Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up.

Pablo Picasso

I have set myself a target of ‘autumn’ this year to publish and to make the game available for purchase from the Keyhole Games website. The design work is almost all done so from here on out it is, in theory, just a matter of logisitics. It could all go wrong, of course, but I think it has a jolly good chance of all going right, so fingers crossed. To make things easier for myself I have prepared a mental ‘to do’ list to carry around with me at all times. Fortunately it’s quite short:

Keyhole Games: To Do

1. Just get on with it.
2. There is no point 2.

Congratulations, Brett, that's exciting! :)

Well done, Brett, good luck!

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