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The Beautiful Game #003: Iconica

The internet is the engine of serendipity, and quite without looking I managed to stumble over Iconica: Game of Strategy at the weekend. My jaw dropped a little; I’d never heard of Iconica (and I’d wager that you haven’t either) but it offered some quite unexpectedly impressive and intriguing graphic design. My interest was most definitely piqued!

Digging a little deeper revealed that the game was the brain-child of Eric Torres, a writer, illustrator and designer from Phoenix, Arizona, who has imagined not just a game, but an entire fantasy world to go with it: The World of Rynaga. He has written and published an illustrated book called Prelude, and writes a blog where you can keep up with Eric’s latest developments.

I think it’s possible to make an argument that game design is, or at least should be, all about the story — in which case no-one can suggest that Eric hasn’t taken his story very seriously indeed. And if you are a game designer tired of the same-old-same-old Eurogame themes — the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, the Stone Age, etc. — then how better to banish this ennui than simply to create an entire world of your own from scratch and set your game within it?

Eric has been kind enough to give me permission to republish some of his photography here, but follow the links above to see and find out more. I’ll keep a weather-eye on Iconica and report back with more news in a while!

Greetings from the Desert! Thanks for featuring my game Brett, it's an honor.

Interesting, but what about rules?

Are those extra-wide cards? Are they all like that? Interesting look . . . Wonder what the cubes are for . . .

Here's some rules... (downloadable too)

and not just extra-wide, but tall too Phillip! Possibly more than double the size of standard playing cards.

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