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Ciutat de Granollers Board Game Design Competition

News reaches BrettSpiel Towers of another European board game design competition, this one organized by the City Council of Granollers in Spain, although it must be said that it only barely reaches us in time; the closing date for entry into this year’s contest is… tomorrow. This gives industrious game designers who were otherwise unaware of this contest just a few more hours to meet the deadline, and the interested can read the rules of the contest in English, Spanish or French.

The contest is organized by Oriol Comas i Coma, a game designer and writer from Barcelona, and is part of the annual jugarXjugar games fair in Granollers. This is the fourth time in which Oriol has run the contest, which has attracted a steadily increasing numbers of designs each year: 32 in 2007, 57 in 2008, and 73 in 2009. The small (but growing) Spanish publisher nestorgames has already published several of those designs, while the 2008 finalist was published by the French company Cocktail Games as 22 Pommes.

So, if you are the sort of budding game designer who always has a good few prototypes on the go, and is generally of a mind to enter European board game design contests in the first place, then you may still be in a position to enter right away and hence meet the rather tight deadline. If so, good luck! (Note that the English translation of the rules give 9th March as the deadline, whereas it’s actually the 8th March on the Spanish and French pages, which I believe are correct.)

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