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Hippodice: The Results Are In!

In which I am suitably excited.

The results of this year’s Hippodice Game Author Competition have today been posted on the club’s website. I have already written within these pages about my two entries — Archipelago and Jukers! — and although neither design made it into the top three (hearty congratulations to the winner and runners-up!) the big news is that both of my designs made it to the final round!

This means that of only nine prototypes selected from all the entries to go forward to the final round and be playtested by this year’s jury, two of them were mine. I am obviously disappointed to miss out on a top-three placement (after all, I had pretty good odds!) but it is very exciting to think that both Archipelago and Jukers! have been played by a group made up of representatives from eight top game publishers — Phalanx, Pegasus Spiele, Hans im Glück, Ravensburger/Alea, Eggertspiele, Schmidt Spiele, Amigo and Zoch — plus a member of the jury for the prestigious ‘Spiel des Jahres’ award.

Which, I think you’ll agree, is an impressive playtest group. Go me!

congrats Brett :-)

Great going Bro! So will it be three games in 2011?

Nice going!

Hi! I've just discovered your blog thanks to the Granollers Game Design Contest webpage. I must say that your blog is truly great. You have now another faithful reader. I like very much your posts on the process of game creation and in general all your analysis and comments on various gaming aspects (rules, design, what is a game, and so on). I've just scratched the contents of your blog... damn... now I have even more stuff to read!

Oh, and of course, congratulations for having passed to the final round of Hippodice. I hope you pass to the next round of Granollers, as well.

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