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Game Design Contests: What’s New?

In which I do a quick sprint around the latest developments of some of the European boardgame design contests. So if that’s not your sort of thing, then you may prefer to stop reading… now.

Cuitat de Granollers

I missed a trick earlier this month by failing to mention that the shortlisted games for the Ciutat de Granollers design contest in Spain were announced on the Fira Jugar x Jugar blog (site in Catalan and Spanish). I first reported on this year’s competition in March and subsequently (and rather hastily!) entered my card game Jukers! into the contest. I had entered the same game into this year’s Hippodice contest in Germany, where I was excited that it made it through to the final round.

And, I am happy to (belatedly) report, Jukers! also made it through to the shortlist of the Granollers contest, along with 12 others games by designers from Spain, France and Luxembourg, selected from 185 submissions. The winner and runner-up were BZZZ by Juan Carlos Pérez and Curia by Toni Giménez, and many hearty congrats to both of them!

Image: The impressive prototype of BZZZ being played at the Jugar x Jugar game fair in Granollers.

Premio Archimede

In other news, the deadline for the Premio Archimede 2010 contest in Italy is now only a month away. As I reported back in January, this contest is a biennial affair organised by studiogiochi in Venice. In 2008 I entered my game Amongst Thieves and actually went to Venice to see the finalists announced and voted on — live! It was quite an exciting trip.

Details of this year’s submission process are on the studiogiochi website, but everything you need to know has been distilled into a handy PDF (available in English and Italian) which has details of the prizes, past entrants and winners, and the many published designs that have come through the competition.

The deadline for receipt of the prototypes is 30th June and the contest has a modest entry fee of €25 per game. The scope of the contest encompasses all styles of game design, and the pedigree of the jurors is impressive. Given that there are — in addition to prizes for the main winner and runners-up — separate awards for both the best card game and best family strategy game the contest offers more opportunities than most, and is definitely worth entering.

So, if you have a design ready or nearing completion then now is the time!


The winners in this year’s Hippodice contest were announced back in March, at which time I took time to blow my own trumpet a little since both of my designs, Jukers! and my boardgame Archipelago, had made it into the final round.

The recently published English edition of the April/May spielbox magazine included an article that provides some more details about this year’s contest. There were 175 initial submissions, from which 35 prototypes were selected, and of which, interestingly, only 5 were in English (the article suggests that this proportion was lower than usual). The article also reports that Frank Deutschendorf, the Hippodice chairman, was very satisfied with this year’s contest, since there was “a great mixture of complex and simple quick games, in contrast to last year when only six rather demanding ideas could be nominated.”

The second thing to report is that my prototype for Archipelago attracted the interest of two of the jury members, and is currently in the hands of one of them and is being actively being playtested in-house. Obviously there is a many a slip, etc., but the fact that two of the jurors looked at the game and saw the spark of something genuinely commercial is obviously encouraging.

Should anything more develop I shall of course report what I can on these pages.

Thanks for the word "impressive". I am very pleased to help José Carlos making a quick draw for his game.

Glad you like it.

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