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Hippodice 2011: Submission Deadline

Just a quick reminder to the hobbyist boardgame designers, like myself, who fancy submitting a design or two to this year’s Hippodice design contest in Germany: the deadline for submissions is November 1st. The contest is open is designers from all over the world, but you can submit via email provided you can send along a full ruleset, a description of the game and a photo or two of your prototype in action.

If your game is selected for playtesting then there’s a modest entry fee of €5, although you will additionally need to pay for shipping your prototype to Germany (and possibly back again after the contest is finished).

Last year I submitted two designs, Archipelago and Jukers!, both of which were selected for playtesting, and both of which (I mention in passing) made it onto the final shortlist. I doubt I shall repeat my double-hitting success this year, not least because I have so far only submitted one design — although I guess I have four days to change that if I want to!

My primary entry this year is the cryptically titled Oracle Pathway, seen here. It’s a simple, if cunning, family strategy game for 2–4 players and, rather like last year’s Archipelago, has a certain Germanic feel to it (in boardgaming terms, at least).

Above you can see a detail of the board and some of those omnipresent meeples. Below are the little ‘money boxes’ I made from some clear plastic puzzle blocks and hand-cut paper inserts, which I think turned out really well and work like a charm.

Good luck!

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