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5th Ciutat de Granollers Board Game Design Competition

With precisely the same degree of timeliness that I demonstrated last year — and with apologies to organizer Oriol Comas i Coma for my lackadaisical reporting! — I bring you news of the 5th annual board game design contest organized by the City Council of Granollers in Spain, to which the deadline for receipt of entries is, you guessed it, tomorrow, 10th January!

The contest rules are available in English, Spanish, Catalan, French and (new this year!) German. And as of 4th January the contest organizers’ blog reported that they had received their 100th entry, but since the maximum number is 200 and the blog does not carry an alert that the 150th entry has yet been received, I think there is still plenty of opportunity to enter, if not plenty of time.

Entry is straightforward — and free! — requiring, in the first instance, only a complete set of rules plus a data sheet with some basic information and an overview of a game round. This is very similar to the preliminary submission requirements for the Hippodice design contest in Germany, so any designer who submitted a game for that contest should be well-prepared to submit to this one too, even at short notice!

Last year I entered my card game Jukers! into the Granollers contest, and I was lucky enough to have the game selected both for playtesting and for the final shortlist of 13 games. And, as I (really ought to) have said before, it’s not the winning but the taking part; plus, for any budding game designer the discipline of creating not only a playable game, but a playable prototype and ruleset is a valuable experience in itself.

Hi Brett, just nitpicking, but the link you have for the Spanish contest rules points to the Catalan constest rules instead. The Spanish rules are at

Consider that nit well picked! I will fix the links...

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