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Game Prototype: Oracle Pathway

Board game prototype: Oracle Pathway

I have mentioned my game Oracle Pathway before, and here is a view of all the game elements just before I parcelled them up this afternoon to send to Spain. The game has been shortlisted to be playtested in this year’s City of Granollers Game Design Contest, so I wish Oriol Comas i Coma and the other organizers well, and (of course) hope that they enjoy my game.

I also entered Oracle Pathway, back in October, into the current Hippodice contest in Germany but was this time unsuccessful in getting a design into the second round. In 2009 one of my games got through, in 2010 both of my submitted games made the cut. To be honest, and without wishing to sound conceited, I was a little surprised that Oracle Pathway didn’t make it. I described one of my entries last year, Archipelago, as perhaps the ‘most German’ game I’ve created, and my success in the past two years gave me some confidence that Oracle Pathway might be well received by the Hippodice gamers, principally because it felt like a similarly pitched family strategy game, but sleeker and snappier. Indeed, I count it as one of my most successful and well-formed designs, although we shall have to wait and see whether anyone else agrees!

Reminds me of Keltis, and the variations thereof. Any similarities?

Tim! That's an entirely fair comment, and although the game's mechanisms do not have much in common with Keltis (or its many variants!), when I was creating this prototype some of the visual sensibilities of that game were definitely in my mind. The overall green-ness is something of an homage!

Where can I get the rules?


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