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The Puzzling Meeple: Odd One Out

Here’s a question: Which of these five meeples is the odd one out?

The puzzle is based on an original one by… ah, now, well… if I told you that then any reader with even a passing acquaintance with Google would be free to do the research and find out the answer without having to think about it (a procedure technically known as ‘cheating’) and I’d much rather hear your own answers.

I will publish a link to the original puzzle shortly, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think, so do please add your answer in a comment!

It is the only one that is not the odd one out, thus making it the odd one out. All of its traits are held by another 3. While for the rest of them they have one trait that is not in common with any of them.

The central meeple is different from every other meeple in exactly one way. Between any other pair of meeple, there is two differences. So Mr. Normal is definitely odd.

Nice reinterpretation Bro! :)

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