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Heroica: In Pictures

LEGO Heroica: Dice

Heroica is a fantastic new series of ‘dungeon crawl’ board games coming from LEGO Games this autumn. After following a link posted by the website Brickset that had spotted hi-res images of some other forthcoming LEGO sets, I discovered this collection of great-looking product shots on the German toy and game retailer Mikado (scroll down to see the listings for the four Heroica games).

LEGO Heroica: Boxes

The pictures below show off the amazing detail and design of the sets and their components. Each game takes place in a different fantasy environment: Draida (the shoreline), Waldurk (the forest), Nathuz (the caves) and Fortaan (the castle). I think the pictures do a pretty good job of speaking for themselves, so enjoy!

LEGO Heroica: Draida
LEGO Heroica: Waldurk
LEGO Heroica: Nathuz
LEGO Heroica: Fortaan

Could be interesting for playing -

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