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SPIEL 2011: Game On!

SPIEL 2011 at Essen

In a few short hours I shall begin my very first Essen odyssey. I doubt I’ll have time (or much remaining brain power) during the fair to do the decent thing and blog from Germany, but I shall be taking plenty of pictures and will (eventually) post, at the very least, a pictorial review of my experiences when I get home.

I’m going to be in Essen for the whole four days and do have a few formal and informal appointments.

First, I shall be meeting the good people who will be publishing Oracle Pathway (although it won’t be called that) next year. I have already started to see some stunning examples of the artwork commissioned for the game and will find out more at the fair about the publisher’s plans. Apologies for the circumspection about the exact details of who, what, how and when, but when I get the all clear to talk more openly about the project then have no fear, dear reader, that I shall do so! Suffice it, however, to say, that the game is going to look amazing and that I could not be more thrilled with how it is being developed. Excitement!

I shall also be checking in with the good folks of Surprised Stare Games to see, amongst other things, the production copies of Mr Bleasdale’s On The Cards and Mr Boydell’s Paperclip Railways — should there be any left, that is. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Plus I shall also be dropping in to see my colleagues at LEGO. If you’re at the fair and you’ve not seen the new and most-excellent LEGO Heroica games yet, then make sure you go check them out!

Since this is my first Essen, I simply don’t know what to expect, other than games (and lots of them). The way other people describe it, Essen sounds almost orgiastic in its celebration of board gaming: an overwhelming, hedonistic, ludological feast.

I’m sure I will enjoy it. But will I survive it? Only time will tell…

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