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Divinare: What’s New?

In which I collate for the interested reader a few recent snippets of information about Divinare. Or rather, in the absence of an interested reader, purely for my own predilection and delight!


For example, over at Asmodee HQ, the company has added the game to their online catalogue, and posted a French publication date of 27th April. I have no definite information on when the game will reach other markets, but I shall keep a weather-eye out for news of its arrival overseas.

Asmodee have also now finished publishing a series of four ‘Making a Game’ articles about the development of my original prototype Oracle Pathway into Divinare. They are, of course, in French, but some translations have also appeared on the company’s Spanish and American websites.

The game was on display at the Nürnberg Toy Fair at the beginning of February, where it was photographed by Daniel Danzer for BoardGameGeek News. His article boasts ‘94 pictures of 36 games’ and Daniel’s photos of Divinare really show off some of the amazing artwork by Benjamin Carré and Asmodee’s visual production work. (Great pics, Daniel!) The game was also snapped for the Milan Spiele website.


Elsewhere in Europe, Asmodee took the game to the recent Cannes Games Festival, where the game was shown off by a demonstrator in full costume, fully equipped with divination props! The teapot, in particular, was a lovely touch. Asmodee reported direct from Cannes, as did Guido for the German Tric Trac site.


And I cannot end without passing on the generous words of Bruno Cathala who, commenting on the French Tric Trac TV site, had this to say about Divinare:

It made me think of a Knizia at his best!

Bruno Cathala

And you can’t really say fairer than that, now can you?

Hi Brett! In fact, Asmodee showed the game on at least two tables with fully equipped demo folks and a nice sandwich board in a victorian style. Very attractive!

Guido: Thanks for the info! Wish I'd been there to see the game played and enjoy the atmosphere ;-)

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