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A Tale of Two Cities — Part 1: A Glass of Catalonian Champagne

In which I finally catch up with myself, and report on my recent trips to the Fira Jugar X Jugar in Granollers, Spain, and the UK Games Expo 2012 in Birmingham. What japes!

Granollers Fira Jugar X Jugar 2012

Last year, as regular readers will know since I have hardly failed to mention it, my game Oracle Pathway won the game design contest in Granollers, Spain, putting it on a path to publication by Asmodee as Divinare. The game is now available in Europe and the UK, and is currently being launched in the US at Origins.

I couldn’t visit Spain last year to receive my prize and see Oracle Pathway enjoy its celebrity (the dates clashed with the UK Games Expo), so I was very excited and honoured to be able to visit this year — invited by Oriol Comas i Coma, Director of the Fira Jugar X Jugar, and Haritz Solana of Asmodee — to see Divinare given a really fantastic and generous reception by everyone in Granollers.

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