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Divinare: 3 months later


In April, my game Divinare was published by Asmodee. How have things been going since then?

The graph above shows one measure of the game’s success: it’s performance in the BoardGameGeek rankings. I wouldn’t want you to think that I have nothing better to do than obsessively monitor the game’s stats, but unless I had done exactly that, I would not have been able to bring you this information! (Many Bothans died, etc., etc.) I’m not sure what the graph really means, but compared to other 2012 releases Divinare is doing pretty well, and remains, for now, on a slowly rising trajectory.

The reviews are in!

Gratifyingly the feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive. Tom Vasel gave it a very enthusiastic reception in his video review for The Dice Tower, and elsewhere there were two thoughtful and entertainingly well-written reviews from Matt Drake (Drake’s Flames) and Robert Florence (Rock, Paper, Shotgun). The game has also been reviewed in German by Guido on Tric Trac, and in French on SciFi-Universe.

Two BoardGameGeek users, Martin (qwertymartin) and Ian (inuitmyth909), also had nice things to say. I was particularly struck by this comment in Ian’s review (my emphasis):

I love bluffing and deduction games but usually [they] tend not to allow for the various different ways in which different players will try and be devious or deceitful. Divinare blew me away in it’s generosity of spirit in this respect, everyone seemed to be able to play as the bluffer they wanted to be…

That’s a really lovely observation, and I very much hope other players feel the same way. I don’t want players to play ‘my game’; I want them to play their own.

Out and about

The game was given a very generous welcome at the Fira Jugar X Jugar in Granollers, as I reported on back in May. In June, Asmodee took the game to the Origins game fair, as captured by BoardGameGeekTV, and Mike and the team at Esdevium did a fantastic job demoing the game at the UK Games Expo in May. And speaking of the Expo, here is my interview with the gracious Michael Fox for the UKGMN, in which I give a surprisingly cogent presentation of the game. What japes!

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