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SPIEL 2012: The final countdown


With just hours to go before I depart at the crack of a damp British dawn for Essen, I have been making my list and checking it twice, and am (mostly) ready for SPIEL 2012.

Last year was my first-ever Essen, so naturally this year I feel like an old-hand. Last year I was a tourist; this year I have arranged meetings with a good few publishers and have got plenty of prototypes ready to show off, including family card game Fly Away, Cormorant!, family tile games Nova and The Gnomes of Hawthorn Hall (Europa Ludi finalist!), crazy little dice game Divinare Dice, and the heavier-than-all-the-rest-put-together family strategy game Venice: City of Trade (co-designed with Essen buddy Matt Dunstan). Our ducks may all be in a row, but what will the publishers make of them? See you on the other side!

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