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Game Design 101

The original series of six articles written in 2009 & 2010 that explored some of the fundamental aspects of game design. My approach to design has developed since I wrote them, but these posts remain a valuable resource for me.

Top 10 articles

I have also discussed many other aspects of games and game design, and here, in no particular order, is my unofficial ‘Best of BrettSpiel’ top 10.

  1. Game Spaces: Why Everything Not Forbidden is Compulsory
  2. Let’s Play: Why Games Might Not Be What You Think They Are
  3. Shepherd Spy and the Triangle of Experience
  4. Actions Without Adventure
  5. Being Played: Why Gamification Sucks
  6. On Playtesting: Small Steps, Giant Leaps
  7. The Wisdom of Crowds
  8. No-One Eats Cake to Taste the Flour
  9. The Copyright of Catan: Developers vs Settlers
  10. Work & Play: London Educational Games Meetup

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